Even in Washington DC, the vice president stands out for her willingness to shed principles for power

People think it’s the president, but the last four years suggests the real power lies with Perkins Coie

Unsplash / Louis Velazquez

Trump is heading to the courts but he might find the Democrats got their first

Trump’s election in 2016 had Democrats fearing the drumbeat of fascism. They found a clever way to fight back

Pete Linforth / Pixabay
  • reduce the tax and regulatory power of the state over the individual
  • appoint ‘originalist’ Supreme Court justices who are strict adherents to Constitutional freedoms
  • refuse to start wars
  • increase the power of the state via tax and regulation
  • use state security services…

Trump’s lawyers say yes. The evidence is … interesting


When the US is so politically divided, there needs to be a neutral player who has the country’s trust. It’s not Dominion.


Murphy Fowles

Wary of filter bubbles, fan of System 2 thinking

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